MBA 504-Financial Management

Course Description

           The knowledge of financial principles is advantageous to managers in virtually every discipline in business.  This course is designed as an introduction to finance and is the primary prerequisite to MBA 680 (Corporate Financial Theory) which covers more in-depth math topics.  The content of this course integrates both conceptual and mathematical information.  Cases, comprehensive problems, and current events are analyzed and discussed throughout the course to provide students with hands on experience in the use and application of financial tools. 

The basic concepts of the time value of money, valuation and rates of return, cost of capital, and capital budgeting are covered.  Students will learn how capital markets function, about different types of securities and financing instruments that exist, and how to manage cash flow.  Risk, working capital management, leverage, forecasting, and the analysis of financial statements and ratios are given particular attention.  This course should provide students with basic financial math skills and an excellent introduction to financial management concepts.


Required Materials
Foundations of Financial Management (Including accompanying Cases text) by

Stanley B. Block, Geoffrey A. Hirt, Bartley R. Danielsen, 15th ed.,

New York: McGraw Hill, Inc., 2014.

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Financial Calculator - (HP12c required)

Access to Personal Computer and Spreadsheet program

Homework CONNECT Account 


SAMPLE SYLLABUS--See syllabus distributed in class for exact course requirements



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